Access Optimization

Access optimization by facilitating current flows and creating new facilities for pharmacies.

Protect Environment

Optimal use of medicine to protect the environment and reduce the cost of the health system.

Saving Money

Increasing the profit of the pharmacy by increasing the income and reducing the costs.

Follower Growth

About Us

We Help Pharmacies to Use Medications More Effective

Using our platform, pharmacies would be able to order and use medications efficiently and reduce cost of operator mistakes with helping the other pharmacies.


Our platform is very reliable in terms of security and protection of customer information. As well as our support and availability increases customer confidence.

Aboozar Mehrmanesh

Aboozar Mehrmanesh

CEO & Cofounder
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What We Do

What Main Features We Provide for Our Customers

Our platform can only be as strong as our people. Our value proposition is “Access optimization by facilitating current flows and creating new facilities for pharmacies”

Inventory Icon

Inventory Management

Inventory Management real time pharmacy inventory with expiry dates of all type of medications.

Intelligent Order Check
Order Icon

Intelligent Order Check

Intelligent Order Check Replacing old laborious order check with automatic checking with mobile phone.

Medicine Exchange
Medicine Exchange

Medicine Exchange

Medicine Exchange Communicate with other pharmacies and sell surplus inventory or buy needed ones.


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Our main goal

Optimization of medications use by technology

The idea of Expentory platform was came from the real problem of pharmacies. That made us a problem solver which looking for problems and find solutions for them

Strategic vision

Stakeholders’ interaction reference platform in pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic mission

Facilitating the process of medicine flow from production to consumption by patients

Case Studies

We Are Specialist for Pharmaceutical IT Solutions

Our system on both web and application provides access to a comprehensive medicine sales platform and communication channel.


Why Choose Us

For Excellent Performance We Focus on Critical.

We are a platform that connects pharmacies, manufacturers, distributors, doctors, patients and the government. These stakeholders exchange medicines through our platform, communicate with their patients, recall medicines, and share their information. In future, we will be the most comprehensive network in health system. Our values are:

Expert People Matter

We Have Energatic Team For Organization

Mina Mivehchi

Mina Mivehchi

Industry Specialist
Shahin Arpanahi

Shahin Arpanahi

Head of Sales & Marketing


We Are Very Glad to Know Our First Users Reviews

We provide product and services that are appropriate for our customers so their experiences are highly important to us

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Feel Free to Contact us for Any Question or Comment

Need to upgrade your pharmacy to a new level? Expentory is here to help! We really love to hear from you and help you and our environment.
800-136 Market Street, Winnipeg, Mb, Ca
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