Expentory is a team of pharmacists, tech-savvies, and businesspeople who think the retail pharmacy industry is ready for disruption. Expentory is an automated and self-executing system that helps pharmacies reduce their direct costs by decreasing expired medicines, intelligent ordering, and inventory management. For patients, this means lower costs. For pharmacies, it means more profits, and for manufacturers, it means reduced costs.


Expentory is a solution for preventing the waste of medicines. It is an intelligent trading platform for pharmacies around the globe to sell and buy medications. The main motive for founding Expentory was to preserve the environment. Chemicals, plastics, and other materials that are created as a result of the decomposition of medicines are released into the oceans or dumped into the ground. By Expentory, pharmacies can manage and track their inventory of medicines, and either manually or automatically trade them.


Inventory Management

Expentory displays information about the medicines bought and sold by pharmacies. Pharmacists can easily view the current stock of medications and decide whether to sell or re-order.


Intelligent Ordering

By Expentory, pharmacies can find different distributors with different promotions on just one platform. Expentory uses artificial intelligence to decide when it is time to order a particular medicine. This will also reduce the pharmacy's waste.


Intelligent Order Check

Pharmacists do not have to spend their valuable time manually checking the orders they receive from various distributors. Expentory uses image processing to check the orders and to record their expiry dates. This will be used to notify pharmacies when it is time to refund.


Medicine Exchange

Pharmacies can communicate with each other through Expentoty. The platform can create a wide network of pharmacies so that they can easily share their information about medicines, and exchange medicines with each other.


How can a pharmacy use the platform?

First, you should register on the platform. After sending your request, our experts will contact you and check your license. Then, Expentory will give you a username and password to login and use the platform.

Is using Expentory free?

Yes. Every licensed pharmacy can register on the platform use it for free.
In case of using the premium features, Expentory charges the pharmacy a small and affordable fee.

Can a pharmacy use Expentory without utilizing its inventory management software?

The main advantage of Expentory is that it can be used with any other inventory management software. Pharmacies don’t need to migrate completely to use the features of Expentory.

What if a pharmacy doesn’t have enough technicians to input data?

You can input your inventory data manually and automatically. By automatically inputting data, you can easily export a file from your inventory management software and import it to Expentory to have all of your inventory data updated.

How is a pharmacy’s data being protected?

All collected data is encrypted through a P2P system with high-grade protection levels. No other pharmacy has access to a pharmacy’s non-shared information.

Do you have delivery guarantee?

All transactions are being guaranteed by the platform. The selling money will not be delivered to a seller until the buyer acknowledges the order’s delivery.