Frequently Ask Questions

First, you should register on the platform. After sending your request, our experts will contact you and check your license. Then, Expentory will give you a username and password to login and use the platform.

Yes. Every licensed pharmacy can register on the platform use it for free.

In case of using the premium features, Expentory charges the pharmacy a small and affordable fee.

The main advantage of Expentory is that it can be used with any other inventory management software. Pharmacies don’t need to migrate completely to use the features of Expentory.

You can input your inventory data manually and automatically. By automatically inputting data, you can easily export a file from your inventory management software and import it to Expentory to have all of your inventory data updated.

All collected data is encrypted through a P2P system with high-grade protection levels. No other pharmacy has access to a pharmacy’s non-shared information.

All transactions are being guaranteed by the platform. The selling money will not be delivered to a seller until the buyer acknowledges the order’s delivery.

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