Medicine Exchange

Medicine Exchange

Medicine Exchange

Communicate with other pharmacies and sell surplus inventory or buy needed ones.

Current situation

Expired medicines often remain on pharmacy shelves for a long period of time to be returned or disposed. So, the pharmacy is either being charged by the cost of storage and refund or disposal costs. Currently, there is no solution for close-to-expiry medicines.

Our Product

Expentory is an automated exchange platform for pharmacies in Canada. the system automatically records the expiry date of each medicine, and based on the policy set by the pharmacy manager, will automatically or manually offer the medicine to another pharmacy if it detects that particular medicine is going to expire.

Additionally, pharmacies can chat about a particular medicine and share their information.

Pharmacies can communicate with each other through Expentory and exchange medicines with each other. The platform can create a wide network of pharmacies so that they can easily share their information about medicines, and exchange medicines with each other.


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