Case Studies

Inventory Management

Current situation Some pharmacies don’t have accurate and real-time inventory information mostly because of difficulties in linking medicine inputs and outputs.So, pharmacy managers have problem to choose the right time and quantity of each medicine in their orders. Our Product

Expiry Alert

Current situation Every year $ 3.1 billion worth of expired medicines is thrown away in pharmacies. Such huge cost cause by inaccurate orders and human errors in checking expiration date of the drugs, which is a time-consuming and tedious process

Recall Management

Due to keeping all medicine information, especially LOT number, the platform can easily track down medicines. In case of any medicine recall, it can find out the patients who are using such medicine. In addition to that, physicians can easily

Order Check

Current situation The process of checking and receiving purchased medicines into the pharmacy is being done manually. For now, the pharmacist’s precious time is wasted on manual routines to check the order delivery. Apart form time, the flow may also

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