Inventory Management

Current situation

Some pharmacies don’t have accurate and real-time inventory information mostly because of difficulties in linking medicine inputs and outputs.So, pharmacy managers have problem to choose the right time and quantity of each medicine in their orders.

Our Product

Linking with pharmacy PMSs and checking the inputs, Expentory automatically tracks the pharmacy’s daily buying and selling quantities.Pharmacy managers are able to monitor their real-time pharmacy inventory and can order according to the pharmacy needs. We constantly monitor the expiration date through our AI and send notifications to the pharmacy in various categories so they can decide whether to exchange the medicine manually or automatically. Auto bidding feature for close-to-expired products is the unique feature to Expentory which is not available in any PMSs in the market. Expentory displays information about the medicines bought and sold by pharmacies. Pharmacists can easily view the current stock of medications and decide whether to sell or re-order. We can also utilize business intelligence and data analysis techniques to analyze the data in the inventory and learn about the main revenue streams in the pharmacy and to focus more on them, announce promotions and special offers, learn about loyal clients and many more interesting features.

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