Order Check

Current situation

The process of checking and receiving purchased medicines into the pharmacy is being done manually. For now, the pharmacist’s precious time is wasted on manual routines to check the order delivery. Apart form time, the flow may also comes with a lot of faults.

Our Solution

Pharmacists can easily compare delivered orders with the purchase invoice just by using a mobile camera or a simple scan of medicines information.

In addition to order check, with the same scan, all other medicine information such as expiry date and LOT number is collected. So, The platform can propose to other services to the pharmacies: Expiry Management & Medicine Tracking. Existing pharmacy management solutions have limited capabilities that we tried to cover with the following features Simple scans of medicines information give us comprehensive and accurate information about the medicines that enter the pharmacy. By Expentory, pharmacies can find different distributors and wholesalers with different promotions on just one platform. Expentory uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to decide when it is time to order a particular medicine using the history of sales by that particular pharmacy. This will also reduce the pharmacy’s waste because it orders what is really needed at the right time based on the history of its sales. Pharmacists do not have to spend their valuable time manually checking the orders they receive from various distributors. Expentory uses Image Processing and Natural Language Processing to check the orders received from distributors and to record their expiry dates. This will be used to notify pharmacies when it is time to refund since different distributors have their own return policies. Pharmacies can also put their over the counter medicines for sale with discounted prices, or to put their medicines for exchange with other pharmacies who need them. In this module, we also intend to utilize speech recognition techniques to tell the system verbally what orders and medicines have been received instead of scanning them.

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